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This project is being developed by the Canadian song writing duo, Ghostdog & The Stationeer, as an effort to raise the public’s awareness that if we, the people, do not take an active interest in our local farming communities then they will eventually disappear leaving us all at the mercy of faceless agri-corporations and other nations to put food on our table.

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During our respective travels across this great nation of Canada and its big brother to the south, we continue to be profoundly affected by the anger and frustration of local farmers and rural communities as urban sprawl continues to invade our foodlands.

In order for a developer to buy the land a farming family first has to offer it for sale and this is where the real tragedy begins. Why is there such a demand to hand over title to what’s been handed down from generation to generation for a hundred years or more? Is it about the money – why isn’t farming providing financial security for those who accept the responsiblity to feed their neighbors? Is it about a generation of farmers getting to old to work the land with no one willing to share the burden – why aren’t their children taking over the family business?

There appears to be a deepending sense of hopelessness that no one out there is listening and that no one beyond the town line cares and that’s not true, it’s just the message is getting lost.  The fact is the average person is bombarded by thousands and thousands of images and messages every day and only the loudest get paid any attention. So, we have to raise the volume.

Please accept this site as a gathering place for useful information about the concerns of our rural farming communities; and our music as a way to spread the message that we, the people, have to solve this problem ourselves – not the government, not the consultants, and not agribusiness.  We, the people, have to take an interest in our local foodlands and take ownership of its future as if our lives depend on it. We, the people, have to demand of ourselves to consume locally produced food and we have find ways to share the wealth within our communities to rebuild the fragil foundation of the family farm. We, the people, have to encourage today’s youth to pursue the business of agriculture, nurturing their creative talents and problem solving abilities to invent a profitable lifestyle for themselves and future generations.

We, the people, have to want to make it work and share in the burden.

That said, we need your help getting our message out that these people deserve the help and consideration of the larger towns and cities around them.  Please help us share our ministry of music by linking to the songs and this blog site – 4H’s, local church websites, trade & industry associations, MySpaces and Facebook sites… every little bit helps.

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