Posted by: ShawnC | July 2, 2009

OSU Gears Up for Farm Science Review

Ag industry has positive outlook as managers ready for farm show Sept. 22-24.

Published: Jul 2, 2009

Farm Science Review, Ohio State University’s annual farm show, has been described as a potpourri of the latest and greatest in the agriculture industry.

“Nearly whatever service or product a farmer needs can be found at Farm Science Review,” says Farm Science Review manager Chuck Gamble.

Indeed, attendees to this year’s show will be able to peruse the latest in agricultural equipment, services and products — over 4,000 product lines from 600-plus commercial exhibitors; view three days worth of field demonstrations spread across 600 acres of farmland; and take advantage of Ohio State University agricultural research, education and expertise in agriculture, economics, health and nutrition, conservation and horticulture.

The 47 annual Farm Science Review will be held Sept. 22-24 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio. This year’s theme, “Your 2009 Bale Out,” (with a bit of word play) is intended to emphasize the resources available at the show to help farmers strengthen their business.

“We are providing the resources to ensure a profitable bottom line. From preparation to planting to harvesting, farmers have the ability to gain the knowledge they need at the Review,” says Farm Science Review assistant manager Matt Sullivan. “We make all of it available to farmers. It’s up to them to take that information and make choices that will provide them the most profitable farming operation.”

Not only does Farm Science Review provide equipment, technology, products and services essentially under one roof, the show is unique in that it incorporates the education, research and expertise of a major land-grant university.

“Having the Ohio State University affiliation is huge,” says Gamble. “That education component is valued and emulated at other farm shows.”

Farm Science Review may be a few months off, but exhibit space is nearly sold out, with over 90 percent of space already full. Gamble said the quick sell-out points to the optimistic attitude being taken in the agriculture industry, despite the downturn in the economy.

“Other farm shows this year have been witness to a positive attitude in agriculture, and we hope that upbeat optimism carries over to Farm Science Review,” says Gamble. “Farmers are approaching this year’s show with guarded optimism, but they are still in the market for products and services that will give them a leg up in the industry.”

Agricultural companies continue to invest in Farm Science Review with more buildings becoming permanent fixtures on the grounds, indicative of their confidence that Farm Science Review makes a solid contribution to the industry each year, according to Gamble.


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